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Remainder, new. Inspired by a statue of the Chinese goddess of universal compassion, Guanyin, that stands in the author's hometown of Toronto, historian Griffith presents this wide-ranging anthology of Chinese goddesses. For centuries, Guanyin has been an object of devotion for Chinese Buddhists and, as Kannon, to Japanese and Korean followers.

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Working from the comprehensive history of Chinese gender relations published in by the Chinese Partnership Studies Group, the author seeks to prove that goddess-based faiths promote a strong 'reverence for life. In addition to serving as a valuable historical reference guide, Griffith's study sheds light on the evolution of women's roles in Chinese society, from the early days of matrilineal 'womb' clans a legacy still apparent in Taiwan to revolutionary female activists of the 20th century.

Includes maps, timelines, alphabetical glossary of goddesses and divine couples, and bibliography.

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Rider She Hesperus, London, Octavo; gatefold paperback; pp. The journey is triggered by a mysterious package left to Leo by his father, to be opened on his 25th birthday; the package contains an ancient shard of pottery and several documents, suggesting an ancient mystery about the Vincey family. Holly and Leo eventually arrive in eastern Africa where they encounter a primitive race of natives and a mysterious white queen, Ayesha, who reigns as the all-powerful 'She' or 'She-who-must-be-obeyed' and who has a mysterious connection to young Leo.

The story expresses numerous racial and evolutionary conceptions of the late Victorians, especially notions of degeneration and racial decline prominent during the fin de siecle.

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  • In the figure of She, the novel notably explored themes of female authority and feminine behaviour. It has received praise and criticism alike for its representation of womanhood. First edition: octavo; hardcover, with gilt spine titling and illustrated endpapers; pp, with maps and black and white illustrations and 32pp. Minor wear. Very good to near fine in like dustwrapper.

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    But the author's real interest is in locating Helen as a historical figure of the late Bronze Age, in describing what life would have been like for a Mycenaean princess of the time, growing up in Sparta and travelling to Troy. Believing that a real woman is the basis for the archetypes, hoping even that one day a body might be found, Hughes visits the places a real Helen would have visited, examines the corroborating evidence and does her best to peel back the layers of worship and storytelling.

    At the end, we aren't much closer than we were at the beginning to a human Helen, although much more knowledgeable about many Mycenaean rites and the various later re-imaginings of Helen as goddess and strumpet, fertility symbol and destroyer. And that's appropriate, too, because the great irony of Helen of Troy is that she is faceless. There are no contemporary images.

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    Her face may have launched a thousand ships, although, as Hughes points out, it couldn't have been that many or Mycenaean civilisation would have collapsed, but we haven't got the faintest idea what she looked like Helen, as Hughes makes plain, was born in a time before good and evil were conceived as distinct, oppositional entities. The first people to tell her story wouldn't have seen her as embodying contradictions and wouldn't have been unduly troubled by her half-goddess, half-human, conceived-by-a-swan, born-from-an-egg background.

    But already by the time that Homer made her the heroine of the first great work of Western literature four centuries later, her extraordinary female power had to be explained for a world that had relegated women to virtual invisibility. Once all the other versions of her story are added, and the attempts to appropriate her by later ways of looking at the world, it is easy to see that Helen is irresistible largely because she is so recondite.

    Any physical Helen can only disappoint. She defies biography, because she is too many things to too many people. But what Hughes has done, very powerfully, is to explain why she has remained in history when most women have been written out. She splendidly reclaims Helen from centuries of helpless victimhood and.. First edition. Hardcover, octavo; green boards with gilt spine titling, green endpapers; pp.

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    Minor wear; spotting to text block edges. Otherwise very good to near fine in like dustwrapper and professionally protected by superior non-adhesive polypropylene film. In her own lifetime and in the years since her death, the image of Cleopatra has been repeatedly reinvented, each time in a form that fits the prejudices and fantasies of the age that produced it. These fantastic Cleopatras can be read as mirror images of the culture that produced them.

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    While this book is about them it is also about politics - sexual, racial and constitutional - and about morality, neurosis and desire. Above all it is about propaganda and the persuasive power of narrative. Cleopatra, a competent hellenistic ruler who was celibate for over half her adult life, has been remembered as the heroine of an exotic love story. In asking why, Lucy Hughes-Hallett reminds us that story-telling is never an innocent occupation.

    Octavo; hardcover, with gilt spine-titling; pp. In his new book Guy MacLean Rogers offers a richly textured history of the mysteries of Artemis of Ephesos, which were celebrated from approximately the mid-fourth century BCE until the mid-third century CE. His is not, Rogers insists, an account of decline, but rather a story of the Mysteries' unimaginable success over several centuries. In order to capture subtle yet significant changes in their administration, character, and effects, he explores multiple "fields of reference" whose overlapping contours allow for a survey that is simultaneously diachronic and synchronic.

    The resulting study both illuminates the changing role of a particular element, mysteries or mystery initiation, within a prestigious civic cult, and also contributes more generally to our understanding of Ephesian history.

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