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On limitations to the use of some anthropologic data. Reprinted as follows : Smithsonian Institution — Bureau of Ethnology. Powell, Director. On the evolution of language, as exhibited in the specialization of the grammatic processes, the differenti- ation of the parts of speech, and the integration of the sen- tence ; from a study of Indian languages. Separates were issued, with cover bearing title.

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Sketch of the mythology of the North American Indians. Wyandot government — a short study of tribal society. Read June 15, Powell, chairman of subsection of an- thropology. Wyandotte government.

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A short study of tribal society. Issued separately : cover bearing title, 16 pp.

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  8. Republished, without essential change, as follows : Smithsonian Institution — Bureau of Ethnology. Wyandot government : a short study of tribal so- ciety. Issued separately, also, vsrith cover bearing title.

    Naturalists, Conservationists and Natural Scientists: Lives and Work

    Delivered February 7, Outlines of sociology. In Anthropological Society of Washington, Transactidhs, vol. I, pp. This volume of Transactions forms a part of Smith- sonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. Sub-headings : the state ; sociologic classes ; social ranks ; corporations ; a state is a plexus of organizations ; the gov- ernment ; the law ; course of evolution of the state ; course of evolution of government ; the course of evolution of law ; personal law ; property law ; government law ; criminal law.

    Issued separately in two forms, one with the original pag- ing , the other repaged, title and pp. Appeared also as follows : Outlines of sociology. Lecture delivered in the National Mu- seum, Washington, D. C, April i, , by Major J. Darwin's contributions to philosophy. By John W. This volume of Pro- ceedings forms a part of Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collec- tions, vol. Sub-headings are: [philosophy, and the philosophies of the world] ; origin of metaphysic philosophy ; the origin of scientific philosophy ; working hypotheses.

    Issued separately, text unchanged, with the following title : The philosophic bearings of Darwinism, an address delivered by John Wesley Powell before the Biologic Society of Wash- ington at the Darwin memorial meeting, May 12, Cover and inner titles, pp. In four parts. By J, W. Powell of Washington, D. In Science for September 14, , vol. A brief abstract of a paper read at the Minneapolis meet- ing of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in August, See also No.

    Powell, delivered November 6, Human evolution. In Anthropological Society of Washington, Transactions, vol. Sub-topics are: the sources of human history; the early condition of man; the genesis of activities; evolution of arts; evolution of institutions; the evolution of language; evolution of philosophy ; evolution of mind. Issued separately, with cover and inner titles. Powell, delivered December 8, The three methods of evolution.

    This bulletin forms the first part of Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. Sub-topics are : the kinematic hypothesis ; combination of matter ; modes of motion ; the relation of motion to combina- tion; change of combination; change of motion; evolution defined ; evolution in the physical kingdom ; evolution in the biotic kingdom; evolution in the anthropic kingdom.

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    Issued separately date , with cover and inner titles. On kinship and the tribe ; On kinship and the clan ; Tribal marriage law ; On activital similarities. Included in paper-covered separates of the Director's report. Certain principles of primitive law. In Science for November 7, , vol.

    Marriage law in savagery. In Science for November 21, , vol. Inheritance among the ancient Arabs. In Science for January 2, , vol. Wilken, Leipsic, , 72 pp. From savagery to barbarism. Powell, delivered February 3, The Indians are the mound-builders.

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    In Science for April 3, , vol. The patriarchal theory. In Science for April 24, , vol. On the organization of the tribe. In Scientific American Supplement for June 20, , vol. Consists of an explanation of the fundamental principles of tribal kinship, including several characteristics of the clan. In Science for September 17, , vol. Conn, Ph. Museums of ethnology and their classification. In Science for June 24, , vol. Powell, director U. Bureau of Ethnology. In American Anthropologist for April, , vol. Delivered March 16, , as annual address of retiring president of the Anthropological Society of Washington. Issued separately, without title or change of heading or pagination.

    Seeing Things Whole The Essential John Wesley Powell Pioneers of Conservation

    This lecture, slightly changed, was also delivered in the National Museum at Washington May 5, , as one of the course of free lectures under the auspices of the Philosophical, Biological, and Anthropological societies of Washington, and a lengthy extract from the same, under the heading " The course of human progress," appeared in Science for May 11, , vol. Competition as a factor in human evolution. Annual ad- dress of the retiring president, Major J.

    Powell [of the Anthropological Society of Washington]. In American Anthropologist for October, , vol. A lengthy extract appeared in Science for March 9, , vol. Issued separately without title or change of heading or pagination ; also with a cover bearing title, otherwise un- changed. Address by J. Powell, the retiring president of the Association. Evolution of music from dance to sym- phony. In American Association for the Advancement of Science, proceedings thirty-eighth meeting, held at Toronto, August, , pp.

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    Read at Toronto by G. Gilbert, Major Powell being detained in the West by official duties.

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    Separates were issued dated : cover and inner titles, PP- Prehistoric man in America. In Forum for January, , vol. Problems of American archaeology. In Forum for Tebruary, , vol. The humanities. In Forum for February, , vol. The study of Indian languages. In Science for February 6, , vol. An exposition of the classification the Bureau of Ethnology is attempting of the languages and dialects of the Indian tribes north of Mexico.

    The growth of sentiency.